Work Drone

UAV Base has added another UAV drone supplier. Crop sprayers and surveillance drones are available in various sizes and configuration. Prices are subject to change and do not include shipping or any duties your country may charge. Contact Mike at to order your drone.

Professional work and camera drones. Crop sprayers have a pesticide payload from 5KG to 15KG.  Check specifications for model flight time.  Basic camera model or advanced long flight quadcopter. Manual or autonomous flight. 

5 KG Payload

crop sprayer drone

  • Ready to fly
  • Fail-safe
  • Data and log dumping
  • Carbon fiber frame and propellers
  • Umbrella folding frame with aviation aluminum joint
  • Quick release propeller
  • 2-6 meters spray height (adjustable)
  • Autonomous flight with way points
  • 5L pesticide tank
  • Max take off weight 15KG
Flight time 10-25 minutes

11 KG Payload

11kg payload drone

15 KG Payload

Same as above with larger pesticide tank and extra motors.

crop spray advanced drone