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The Black Knight Drone is a unmanned aerial vehicle 


AG Drone now replaces this earlier drone.

designed for both military and civilian applications. They are custom built in San Antonio, Texas, USA. They use military grade software and are a highly advanced drone. Using G.P.S. way points they fly a programmed flight autonomously.
Electric powered models can be hand launched. The gas powered model needs a short run way. They can fly as high as 400 feet (121.92 meters) with-out FAA approval. They can fly much higher. It is recommended to check the aviation rules for your particular country to avoid problems with authorities. 

The drone has interchangeable cameras. HD for still and video. Or infrared for hyper-spectral imagining. A laptop is used with dual screens for control and field analysis. It can also be reprogrammed from the laptop to circle any points of interest and take still pictures for more in-depth evaluation. Information is stored on a DVD and can be transferred where needed. The range of the drone presently is approximately 10 radius miles in autonomous mode. The range can be extended even more with installation of a larger antenna and use of a mast. Or if it is followed by the operator. Real time live video feed. 100% military software.

Black Knight Drone Specifications

83"' wing span

Hand launch - (electric model only) gas powered model needs short runway. Uses G.P.S. way points to fly programmed route autonomously. Can be reprogrammed from the laptop to view areas of interest.

Rechargeable electric battery provides 45 minutes to over 1 hour flight time. Gas powered model can have up to 3 hours flight time. (wind and atmosphere conditions can vary flight times)

Auto pilot and auto return to starting point. 25 mph (40 km) is suggested for optimal data gathering.

Comes with laptop for drone control and field analysis. ( Dual screens)  Extra set of wings are also included.

2 day training program, Flight control and data gathering information.

Warranty on software and components not subjected to regular wear and tear by operators. 100% military software. Custom built by semi-retired border security guards.

NOTE: Not all sensors may be available outside the USA. There are other solutions available for your custom build.

The Black Knight Drone is a great tool for surveillance. They are custom built by semi-retired border security guards. 100% military software.Some uses are military projects, law enforcement, pipeline inspections and anywhere you need an "ëye in the sky". They can save countless hours of work previously done from the ground. High definition and infrared cameras have found pin hole leaks in pipelines and can save companies millions in damages. Aerial surveys can gather data needed for land mapping. Unmanned vehicles are used world wide for various missions and roles.

Infrared camera hyper-spectral imaging can detect changes in environment conditions. They can rapidly, safely and identify any conditions that are not normal. Border patrols can capture heat signatures from a distance and not subject the operator to possible risk. High definition images can identify objects whether they are human or animals. Military units can spot danger or the best route for missions. Pipeline inspections are done quickly and cost effectively. Crowd monitoring for police can detect any situation that needs attention. Civilians can carry out aerial surveys of their land. Farmers and ranchers can survey their pastures and live stock. River and water adventurists can monitor river or ocean conditions safely and quickly. The list is virtually endless. The Black Knight Drone is a marvel of technology that is affordable for many and easy to use.

Black Knight Drone updates. The drone now has 10 mile plus flight capability in any direction. It can be extended even more with an ungraded antenna used with a mast. High resolution day time cameras 320 x 480 and / or 640 x 480 imagery. 5 Mp digital and higher if necessary. You can order one or both. Cameras are interchangeable on the drone. Zoom camera is also available if requested. The drone is controlled through radios and can transmit the data back live with on screen video streaming. Auto pilot has fail safe set points entered prior to launch. If link is lost for an extended periods of time, the drone will return safely to your preset command point. Operator screen on laptop utilizes Google maps on the left side of screen. Overhead display is also shown. The Black Knight Drone can also be reprogrammed while in flight. Entering new G.P.S. way-points will allow the drone to survey your desired area of interest. Infrared camera allows night operation and surveillance. Laptop displays all information for flight operations. Custom build your drone to your exact needs and specifications. Costs vary depending on cameras and sensors used. Gas or electric model which has a rechargeable battery. The drone cost is $35,000 US dollars and will increase on how many cameras and sensors you want. They are interchangeable on the drone.

the black knight drone unmanned autonomous aerial vehicle

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